Mega Jackpot Online Slot Rating and reviews

BetSoft’s Mega Jackpot is an old-school slot machine game that will transport you to a simpler time when slot machines did not need to be jam-packed with bonus features in order to be entertaining and lucrative. This game will remind you of what slots should truly be about since it replicates the gameplay of traditional fruit machines. It has a screen with dual 3-reels, 5 active paylines, and a variety of bonuses from the good old days. If you play it for real money via an online casino, not only will you have the opportunity to earn up to 5,000 credits every spin, but you will also have the potential to win a substantial progressive jackpot. Playing it for real money gives you both of these opportunities.

Mega Jackpot provides you with a dose of throwback slot enjoyment regardless of where you are by being playable on all platforms, including mobile, tablet, and the traditional PC. Play the game on the bottom screen to earn prizes in the traditional manner, get access to a feature that allows you to double your winnings, or use the supermeter to access nudging features and a chance to win the jackpot.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine, Mega Jackpot

Do not be fooled into believing that playing the Mega Jackpot slot machine is difficult by the many blinking lights that appear on your screen; the game is really quite simple. As soon as the game has finished loading, a blinking arrow will direct your attention to the section of the control panel that deals with the coins. You may set the amount of your coins by clicking this button, and then you can choose the number of paylines you wish to play by using the bet control. The minimum stake is 0.20 credits, and the most you can spend on a single spin is merely 10 credits.

The paylines and rewards for this slot game are always shown immediately on the screen, so you do not need to consult any paytables in order to see them. This is one of the game’s many appealing features. There are a total of eight different symbols, all of which give rewards in the form of coins. These symbols include your standard fruity symbols, such as oranges, cherries, and the number 7. The lowest possible reward you may earn is twenty coins, while the highest possible win is one thousand coins every sequence, for a grand total of five thousand coins per round. Having said that, it is only the case if you disregard the bonuses. When you play for real money, you’ll have a unique opportunity to win much more than this thanks to the presence of a progressive reward and a mechanism that allows you to double your winnings.

The fact that Mega Jackpot can be played on most mobile phones and tablets, including those based on Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android operating system, is yet another plus of this game. Once you switch to playing on a mobile phone, the majority of the game will take place on the game’s bottom screen, and you won’t have access to the game’s top screen until you have won some money. Therefore, if you want to check the rewards and obtain access to additional options, you will have to visit the menu that is located in the top-right corner of your screen.

Features of the Mega Jackpot, as well as Free Spins

When playing Mega Jackpot, you’ll be eligible for a payout if you line up three of the identical symbols along an active payline. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of all of the possibilities to win prizes that are available to you, you will need to pay for all of the lines in order to activate them and use them. The cherries and pears are the symbols that will pay out the fewest coins for each sequence, while the oranges and bells will pay out up to 200 and 1,000 coins every sequence, respectively. You can collect all of these icons by playing the game.

Whenever you win a reward while playing for real money, you will be given two choices: you can either choose to collect the money or you may try your luck at gambling in the hopes of winning a larger and more satisfying payoff. If you choose the second option, you’ll have two additional possibilities to consider after that. The first step is to use the buttons labeled “spade” or “diamond” that are located next to your bet control. The slot machine will then draw a diamond or a spade in the special zone on the screen. If your guess was correct, the machine will pay you twice as much money as you won, but if it was incorrect, it will take away your winnings. The second option is to click the spin button once again, at which point you will be sent to the supermeter area.

The supermeter area provides you with a bonus three-reel slot that you may play. This particular slot also has symbols that can activate the progressive jackpot. You may use the money that is shown on the bottom screen of this slot machine to play it. You will get one spin with one “nudge” that is automatically utilized to move a symbol up or down and help you build a matching sequence for the cost of 20 coins. This will help you produce a matching sequence. You also have the choice to spend either 40 or 60 coins of your reward on a spin that includes either two or three nudges, depending on the number you choose. You may collect your winnings whenever you choose by clicking the “collect” button, but you can also use the “bet” button to move between the many betting possibilities that are available. Even though there isn’t a free spins bonus in this game, players will still have lots of other opportunities to win additional prizes.

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